Make it all about YOU!

Are you still confused about the meaning of living a mindful life and what is the difference between this type of life and your actual life?

In order to give you a better understanding, we need to look at the way most of us live their life at the moment:

  • We try and speed up everything when dealing with an annoying experience. We try also to avoid anything that might be boring and prefer to dream about how our lives could be. However, when we do so, we unfortunately bring forth anxiety to ourselves. We also fail to notice that these things that we are avoiding can in fact bring us so much!
  • We are often bothered by other people, getting upset by situations and anything that are not happening the way we want them to, even though we perfectly know that these events are part of our world and should not touch us the way they do.
  • We think too much about our past and a better version of ourselves that used to exist and we also worry too much about our future and the fact that time flies. Nonetheless, these regular thoughts only bring nervousness as we cannot change our past and cannot control our future; we can only live the present.

In comparison, a person living a mindful life is more about the below points:

  • He or she deals with all the situations of everyday (may they be unpleasant, stressful or boring) with a presence of mind; avoiding any bad feeling.
    This is how you master serenity, composure and self-possession.
  • He or she understands that our thoughts, no matter how negative they are, are only in our head and don't represent who we are.
    Transforming these thoughts not only changes our mood but also our conception about our daily routine.
  • He or she accepts his or her reality.
    Acknowledging that our life is what it is and that we are the ones planning it, cuts out unnecessary and useless stress, anxiety and drama.
  • He or she concentrates on the present instant, the unique instant we really live.
    Both the past and the future are not real and only the present moment is. Hence, concentrating our thoughts and efforts on the "now moment" is really the way to happiness.
  • He or she knows that external factors should not command our emotions.
    In the contrary, the manner that we choose to think about these external factors leads to tranquility.
  • He or she behave with patience and understanding.
    Indeed, a mindful journey is all about being a better self, being happy for others, treating each situation with a clear vision and without letting negative feelings getting in our way.
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