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Organic Cow Milk Low Fat 1L

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Not just any milk, organic milk from Normandy! Normandy prides itself on its distinct cattle herds that give inimitable taste and a rich texture of Normandy dairy products.

Our organic milk is sourced from passionate family-scale farms through a controlled and sustainable supply chain to ensure the highest quality.

Our cows benefit from ideal climatic conditions, natural grass, and a high level of animal welfare, guaranteeing rich and tasty milk.

 Free from artificial hormones or preservatives. Completely Organic and Non-GMO

- 100% NATURAL 



Energy 47 kcal 

Total Fat 1.5g 

of which Saturated fat 1g 

Total Carbohydrates 4.9g 

of which Sugars 4.9g 

Protein 3.5g 

Salt 0.11g 

Sodium 45mg 

Calcium 120mg 

Vitamin B2 0,16mg 

Vitamin B12 0,29µg 

Phosphorus 77mg 

Through both cold and hot, Earth Goods organic cow milk provides your body with the nutrition needed, the right way of consuming it depends on the time you are drinking it and on how you like to consume it. Simply add it to your breakfast bowls, in your smoothies, in your baking and step into a mindful journey!


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