Food: before, during and after exercise.

BEFORE work-out

You should have a meal 2-4 hours before exercise or a snack 1-2 hours before exercise in order to leave enough time for food to be digested, to avoid drop in blood pressure, to burn fat more efficiently, to exercise more effectively & efficiently. Your pre-exercise meal should be rich in complex carbohydrates and low in fat. Your pre-exercise snack should be rich in simple carbohydrates and low in fat.

MEALS to eat before: 

SNACKS to eat before:

  • Cheese, chicken, fish, egg or peanut butter multigrain sandwich
  • Pasta dish with tomato sauce & cheese
  • Whole grain cereal or muesli with milk or yogurt
  • Lean meat, chicken or fish with brown rice or baked sweet potato
  • Fresh fruits
  • Dried fruits (i.e.: raisins or apricots)
  • Smoothies (prepared with skimmed milk)
  • Non- or low- fat Yogurt
  • No bake energy ball
  • Date ball
  • Banana 


DURING work-out

When training for more than an hour a snack may be essential to help keep you going by maintaining your blood sugar at steady levels and refueling your muscles.

SNACKS (containing < 5 g fat per serving) to have while exercising:

  • Healthy Energy bar
  • Raisins or sultanas
  • Banana
  • Sports drink


AFTER work-out

After your workout, your body gets stronger and fitter. Eating the wrong kinds of food will make you feel exhausted and less energetic for the rest of the day.  So try eating the right foods within 2 hours after exercise, you’ll have more energy, feel stronger and gain more fitness. The post-exercise snack should be rich in carbohydrate and protein and low in saturated fat.


REFUELING SNACKS to have after exercising:

  • Cottage cheese and mixed fresh fruits
  • Plain Yogurt with some berries and chia seeds
  • Smoothie (containing dairy/protein shake and some chia seeds)
  • Tuna, chicken breast, cheese with brown bread, pasta or potato
  • Handful of raw nuts & dried fruits
  • Rice cakes with cheese or hummus
  • Granola with milk or yogurt



ALWAYS Keep in mind to:

•Drink sips of water before, during & after exercise.

•Be organized by planning your snacks & meals in advance.

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