One step away to Mindfulness

Mindfulness refers to a state of mind in which we are conscious about all our feelings and thoughts and we work on ourselves to accept them and focus on what is happening during the present moment that we live. When one wants to apply a mindful eating; it goes beyond the simple fact of eating healthy. Mindful eating means consuming the right food that will make oneself feel better in his or her body. It also means that we are choosing to eat ingredients and products that goes with the natural circle of life, without affecting the well-being of our mother Earth and its environment.

Here are few steps that can help you reach a mindful eating:

1. The first step to a mindful eating starts with your shopping list. When adding an item to your list, think about its health value. Also try avoiding processed food, chips, candies and any impulse buying.

2. The second step is about the mood you’re in when eating. Indeed, try not to be hungry like crazy when going to the table. When it is the case, you would prioritize filling up your tummy and you would miss to enjoy your food and actually process what you are eating.

3. The third step is to being aware of the portion you are eating. Try to have smaller plates and control over the portions you are eating.

4. The fourth step towards mindful eating is the consciousness for your food. Take your time when having your food. Try to think about how it was produced and how it got to your plate. You will see yourself appreciating your meal even more!

5. Finally, try to use all your senses and be conscious about them, this will really help you achieve a mindful eating. Try to enjoy the smell of your food, as well as its color and its taste.

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