Working with Nature

One of the goals of being “ORGANIC” is to work with nature.

Indeed, being “organic” also means that you do your best to increase the levels of animal welfare. It also means that you avoid all types of chemicals, herbicides, fertilizers and other artificial products that might harm our ecosystem.  
Organic farmers work every day with nature, using a more sustainable management of their land and animals and are in a way, protecting our wildlife.
No matter what are the products that you are choosing to buy; might it be vegetables, meat, eggs or any product; when you choose to go for “Organic”, you are choosing products that are promoting a better world.

At Earth Goods, all our products come from trusted organic sources. We make sure that all the farms and companies that provide us with our ingredients are inspected every and that they are certified.


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Latest Products

  • Organic Coconut Sugar 340g

    Indonesian premium unrefined Raw Coconut Sugar. Healthy and mineral-rich alternative sweetener.
    AED 16
  • Organic Agave Syrup 250g

    Our rare 100% natural blue Agave Syrup is harvested from the ancient soils of Mexico. Without any additives or chemicals, it is a delicious healthy replacement to sugar or any other sweetener. This pure syrup is famous for its low glycemic index that keeps energy intake and glucose levels almost intact. This ancient Aztec treat is not only tasty, but also rich in saponins and fructans, that have anti-inflammatory, gut soothing and immune system-boosting properties, all preserved by thriving the plant organically.
    AED 29
  • Organic Coconut Natural Chips 100g

    Our organic Coconut Natural Chips is harvested from the heart of Sri Lanka’s ancient forests and slowly dried to perfection. These chips are very delicious and healthy, full of the healthy saturated fats that help fat burning, stomach health and cholesterol management. This miraculous chips improves skin health, hearth health, metabolism function, blood sugar levels and weight reduction. All-natural and full of good fats, carbs, and essential nutrients.  Full of flavor and unsulfured with absolutely NO added sugar .
    AED 16
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